2010 Recap

In 2010, several events occurred that changed how the Perch Assault was to move forward. It became obvious that there is always someone looking to gain an unfair advantage and at two events there were disruptions that had to be dealt with. The future of the events were very much in question.

BUT, the series came back strong in 2011, with a new understanding of who really runs the Perch Assaults… the men and women who participate. Make no mistake, this is YOUR tournament. If you don’t come out to play…there is no game.

If someone tries to cheat, they steal from YOU, not us. Organizers don’t pay entry fees nor win any pots, so cheating only hurts the contestants. “Police your own and don’t let anyone get away with breaking even the simplest rules. Play fair, fish hard or stay home”, organizers said. “Report any serious violations so they can be dealt with, but otherwise, if you see a minor violation, speak up”. Maybe it was an honest mistake and it will never happen again. “It’s YOUR tournament” contestants were told, and there has been a new tone of friendly competition ever since.